The Bethlehem Police Department is great at keeping us all up to date with their active Twitter account and blog, but recently they’ve been treating us to bits of Bethlehem crime history!

In a new tab on their blog, you can check out what they’re calling BPD Nostalgia. “We are very fortunate that those before us had the foresight to preserve some interesting pieces of information. We are happy to have in our possession several scrap-books containing newspaper clippings from years ago,” according to the deparment and boy are those scrapbooks HUGE! So far, here are some clips of our favorites.

If you think weekends in 2012 can get a bit rowdy, you’re lucky you weren’t around in 1918 where one weekend, six Bethlehem residents were picked up for drunkenness and disorderly conduct (their fines ranged from $3 to a whopping $5!). In more serious crime that weekend, we had two New York City criminals selling furs without a license and a man run out of town for soliciting alms! The horror, the horror!

Even more scandalous yet and around the same time, Mrs. Murphy’s daughter ran away from Scranton to marry an Italian man with the alias Gordon. Mrs. Murphy went to the Bethlehem police after she couldn’t find her daughter at the fake Bethlehem address that Gordon provided. The police hunted the couple for days before they found that they had eloped in Scranton two weeks before after a church in Easton refused to marry them. Of course the young Ms. Murphy lied about being 15 and scrawled 21 on her marriage license. Mrs. Murphy came to collect her daughter at the Lehigh Valley police station. Our current police department ventured a guess that, “It’s going to be a very long ride back to Scranton.”

So beware getting arrested now, your great grandchildren could be reading it on the police blog in a hundred years!