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Riding a bike may seem like the last thing you want to do in the hurricane weather that we’re expecting, but when the rain clears up, don’t forget about Cutters Bike Shop.

If you’re looking for a bike, bike accessories or people to ride with, Cutters is the right spot for you. They’re located on East 3rd Street in the South Side and are staying open for the winter (but they will be closed on Sundays).

Now let’s get to know Cutters a little bit better! We talked to Lisa Ronca, co-owner, how it all began. “My husband John, myself and our daughter Abby opened Cutters in July of 2009. We have been together for over 15 years and both grew up in the Lehigh Valley. We met at the Funhouse about 17 years ago and both worked together there for about 2 years before we started dating,” she said. “We starting riding together for fun and things evolved from there. For about 4 years prior to us opening John worked at Action Wheels on the Northside of Bethlehem. We decided to open our own shop as we both became more involved with the local cycling community and grew more passionate for the sport.”

So, they’re not Lisa and John Cutter – where does the name come from? “When we were trying to come up with a name we chose Cutters from the 1979 movie Breaking Away. We thought the cultures of the movie paralleled us and our town’s. Locals growing up in an industrial college town. It’s really such a great and inspirational movie, a must see,” she told us. (Anyone seen the movie? That’s a pretty strong recommendation!)

They were the first bike shop to come into the South Side and they picked a great time! They opened around the same time that Steel Stacks and ArtsQuest were gaining steam, and Cutters got a prime spot! They practically have a curbside seat to VegFest and the Greenway, and they’ve done well with it.

“We have come to know many people in the local cycling community and were fortunate to have a lot of support from them, our friends and family when we opened. We have developed a large regular customer base that  continuously refers  other people to us for all of their cycling needs. We take pride in being a family and rider owned and operated shop. As a women it was very important to me to have women and families feel comfortable when they come to our store. I want to be sure they are given the time and attention they deserve and are never afraid to ask questions or for help,” Lisa said. “We try to get out on group rides and do local events to promote the sport and local riding  community whenever we can. We love to ride bikes and want to see more people enjoy the same great experiences in riding as we have. It’s nice to see how many people enjoy shopping at a local business and realize how much more personal attention and experience you get from doing so.”

Next time you and your bike need something, give Cutters a visit!