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There are so many Halloween costume events in Bethlehem this weekend, you absolutely must have one this year. Homebase Skateshop is having their 8th Annual Halloween Skate Jam on Sunday(their poster is The Walking Dead themed and beyond awesome). There will be the Bethlehem Costume 5k on Sunday as well, a masquerade ball on Saturday night at Hotel Bethlehem and the Witches Ball on Friday night. You have to check back on Friday’s 5 Things To Do post for more information on those, but for now, we’re gonna give you the best costume tips!

Unless you’ve got Rumpelstiltskin locked in your basement ready to spin you a golden costume out of straw, you could use these tips! Here are our favorite (lucky?) 7 best do-it-yourself-at-home-relatively-easily-for-under-20-dollars costumes this year!

1. Old Spice Man:

If you’ve still got your beach abs, this is about as low budget as costumes get! You need: 1 white towel, 1 pastel sweater tied around the shoulders and a bottle of Old Spice. Voila! 

2. A bunch of grapes.

If you get a bunch of friends together on this one, you could practically be a vineyard. You need: solid colored pants, a purple or green solid colored shirt and a lot of balloons of the same color. Blow them up, tape them on!

3. Rubix Cube.

Some assembly required. You need: a box big enough to fit the majority of your torso in, a lot of squares of colored construction paper, scissors, a lot of glue and a decent block of time. Cut the necessary holes in the box, cut out your color squares, start gluing!

4. The Brawny Man.

The great part about this costume is that you probably already have all the pieces! Be sure to pick up a roll of Brawny paper towels just so no one thinks you’re a lumberjack.

5. Rosie the Riveter.

For an easy costume, this one seems to be totally underutilized in the Halloween season. You need: a blue collared shirt that you can roll up the sleeves and a red and white polka dot bandana to tie around your head. We also recommend a cardinal red lipstick.

6. A binder full of women.

Regardless of your political affiliation, we predict that this Romney-ism is going to be a costume hit this year. You need: a large folded poster board, scissors, a suit, magazine cut outs of women or some actual lady friends willing to hang out in your binder for the night! Cut out holes for your arms, or attach straps to hold your binder in place.

7. The Walking Dead.

Another topical choice, this year you can up your zombie-costume-game and be an actual character from AMC’s hit show, The Walking Dead. Are you going to be the noble Rick? Shane as a Walker? Hershel the farmer? And if you’re bringing your kids, they can be Carl! If you haven’t watched the show, you’re missing out. You need: flannel shirt, jeans, boots or sneakers, baseball cap (optional) and fake blood (red dye, detergent, peanut butter. Mix well until you get the color and consistency that seems the ickiest!)