If you’re looking for all-recycled art and housewares, you’re lucky that you live in Bethlehem because we have one of the largest recycled retailers in the world located right in our backyard!

Home & Planet represents about 300 individual artist and small companies from around the world that make items from recycled, found or sustainable harvested materials. They have been in the “green” business since 1996 and in South Bethlehem since 1998 when the owner, Jon Clark, decided to bring his unique background to eco-friendly retail.

Right after college, Jon went to Washington DC where he worked in international environmental concerns for a variety of congressional groups, and then he worked in the publishing industry with a focus in environmental companies. Finally, he came north with the idea of socially responsible retail.

When he began his store, he went to shows in major cities across the whole country and said that the got funny looks when he asked about goods that were made from totally recycled materials, but now those same shows have entire portions dedicated to the environmentally friendly works that Jon sells. Home & Planet’s best-selling artist creates his work from reclaimed Bethlehem materials and sells only here and a small gallery in Vermont. Looking for new items to sell at his store isn’t so hard anymore, as Jon said that they’ve become so well known that artists come to them asking to sell at his store.

You can see a lot of their works on their Facebook page where they post pictures of their new acquisitions. This past week they were in the Halloween spirit as they worked under the theme “Day of the Dead,” with dolls like this Guerrilla Girl.