Double, double toil and trouble – the Witches Ball is coming! For the third year in a row, the witches of Bethlehem are invited to attend the Witches Ball at the Bethlehem Masonic Lodge on October 26.

Beginning at 8pm, come and be bewitched by an evening of sin and pagan delights for those who dare to attend! Attendees must be in costume, because what fun is witchcraft in your street clothes? None at all, we dare say. However, we should turn to the experts at Ostara*, Bethlehem’s premier shop for all things paranormal.

Ostara* was created out of a deeply seeded love for the Craft starting at a local outdoor flea market, with a tent, a folding table, 25 Witch’s Spell Bottles and an original creation “Herbal Majick Faerie Charms.” By the time the third week came, they had increased our product line and outgrown our space. They moved into a larger indoor market in Wintersville, Ohio, expanding the product line to include handcrafted wands, candles and more. Now the expansion continues at our local storefront here in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania with Rev. Mary Cabot-Butler HPs. A hereditary witch of Celtic and Sicilian descent, she completed her study of withcraft with Laura Cabot and now resides in Bethlehem, a mother of two and grandmother of four.

Clearly, this will be no ordinary costume ball. Lucky for you, early bird ticket prices are still available here. We’ll see you there for an evening of hocus pocus…