We all have those bottles and cans of things lying around the house that we can’t put in the regular trash and now’s the time to get rid of them! Northampton County Department of Community and Economic Development is partnering with Northampton Area Community College to collect these items when you drop them off at the college this Saturday from 8:30am to 2:00pm.

So, what exactly is hazardous waste?

Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) results from the chemical products that we use around the house on a regular basis. Products like cleaners, paint, and automotive supplies are safe when used as directed but these same products are dangerous when discarded incorrectly. Look for “WARNING” labels on your household products. Anything listed as Toxic, Ignitable/Flammable, Corrosive, or Reactive may be HHW. Unless the label provides safe disposal options, it is likely to be considered hazardous waste.

Now, what products will they accept on Saturday?

Paint Products: Oil paint, varnishes, thinners & turpentine
wood preservatives, furniture strippers, old gas and oil mix
Automotive Products: Antifreeze, transmission and brake fluids
used motor oil, car batteries
Cleaners: Bathroom cleaners, drain cleaners, furniture polish, parts cleaners, ammonia—based cleaners, disinfectants
Pesticide Products: Insecticides, herbicides, rodent poisons flea collars & flea shampoos, mothballs, lawn chemicals
Miscellaneous: Thermostats, mercury batteries, glues & adhesives, nail polishes, fluorescent light bulbs, mercury light switches

The county teams up with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection to bring you this event once a year, free of charge to you! We talked to Tom Dittmar at Northampton County to get some stats on the event. Last year he said was a small year, only 1,200 cars came to drop off waste (WOW!) but the year before that, they saw 1,500 cars! It’s been held every October for five years now, and last year, they barreled 147,000 pounds of waste. So come on down, bring your waste! Common items like paint, herbicides and car batteries make up some of the most popular items – we bet you have some of those to get rid of!