There’s only one dry cleaner in Downtown Bethlehem, and we’re lucky to have one as good as the Fashion Cleaners of Bethlehem, especially since a lot of those fabulous outfits we saw you wearing at the Fashion Show are going to need a special cleaning.

Fashion Cleaners has been in operation for 31 years now, but it’s been owned by Maryann Schoch and her son for five and a half of those years. They decided to buy the Fashion Cleaner when it became available because they just love Downtown Bethlehem.

Like all great dry cleaners, they carefully check the care labels of your garments and use the dry cleaning or laundering process that will produce the best cleaning results. They even go the extra mile and clean your garments by hand when needed. If you have made any special requests, they’re are sure to implement them throughout the process.

Fashion Cleaners’ recipe for success is simple. It’s to treat each customer as you wish to be treated– with respect, understanding, and trust. Not only do they have exceptional service, but you may recognize them for something else – their windows!

Ms. Schoch says that her two favorite parts of her business are meeting and chatting with her customers who come in and decorating her windows. One side of the Fashion Cleaner faces a school and the other is decorated for holidays and if you go to check it out now, you’ll see she’s got it all decked out for the Celtic Classic.