The City of Bethlehem Police Department has partnered with WiredBlue to offer a free smartphone app to anyone with an iOS or Android device.  Through the MyPD App, users can direct dial or email a list of police contacts, view their latest tweets and Facebook posts, Commend an Officer, Submit a Tip, or ask questions directly to the Bethlehem Police Department. The News and Alerts section brings the user directly to the police blog where even more information is available.

My Police Department or MYPD (The official app name) is used by our police force to enhance services, provide information and allow you to easily send messages to your police department on a variety of topics. All of the available police contact forms can be sent to the department anonymously, but you’re encouraged to include your own contact information.

We talked to Bethlehem Police Chief Jason Schiffer about bringing this app to our city. He’s really excited to put something this important in the hands of the people where they’ll have access to contact information for everyone in the police department as well as the ability to see what the department is saying on Twitter and on their blog. “We’ve seen a huge increase in feedback from nontraditional communication,” Chieff Schiffer told us. Tweet on, Bethlehem!

Download the app so you always have our contact and latest information in your hands. It’s available on the iPhone and through Android when you search myPD in your App Store. It’s a simple and free download from there!