So far we’ve provided you with enough ghost stories to keep the faint of heart awake at night, but if you’re still looking for some chills, the wait for Historic Bethlehem Cemetery Tours is over!

They started up again on Thursday, September 19 with just as much history as last y ear. The tour starts in the 1741 Gemeinhaus, the oldest building in Bethlehem and the Historic Bethlehem is the only group allowed to take you in there. Exploring the building and witness a period dead tray.

Then escape out doors to hear the story of the Corpse House, the Old Chapel, and early death and funeral practices in our city. End your tour at the oldest cemetery in the city to learn about important early citizens. As eery as this tour sounds, it’s entirely factual! You’ll learn about the history of Bethlehem through the headstones going back all the way to the founding of the city and Tombstone 1 of John Jacob Nealer. Be sure to pay attention because you’ll be treated to all sorts of historical anecdotes, like how people were buried. It wasn’t like it is today, where you can choose to be buried with your family. You were placed in groupings with people of similar demographics! And since Bethlehem began with missionary work in mind, you’ll see the graves of many christianized Native Americans!

Historically accurate and still a bit spooky, this tour has a healthy amount of walking so wear comfy shoes and pack an umbrella, just in case!