One of the newest vendors on the South Side is the restaurant Horn’s. It’s vegan, vegetarian, omnivore and carnivore friendly with fresh and local food.

Not only is this an awesome beacon of culinary sustainability, the couple behind the brilliance has a fascinating story. Sarah and John Silvestra have always tried to support local farmers in their home, which was originally in New York City where they had met. Of course you’ll suspect that they were professional cooking whizzes in the Big City, but you’d be wrong! Sarah was a hairdresser for 16 years and John was a contractor.

They came together to the Lehigh Valley and weren’t thrilled with the options of restaurants serving local food. So they came up with the idea of starting a restaurant like Horn’s and after searching the area, they settled on Bethlehem. John did all of the design and construction of the restaurant and together they worked with professional chefs to create their menu.

Now that we’re talking about the menu, wow! They have popular options like chicken tacos and cheesesteaks, burgers and fries but they also have unique options like The Guidette (check out mine right there!). It’s grilled chicken, roasted tomatoes, carmelized onions and a pesto to-die-for on top of a white roll. To wash down that succulent sandwich, try a lavender mint tea. It comes in a mason jar, which is just really cool.

Seat yourself at a rustic table where you can check out the chalk board trim of the restaurant that tells you what local farm your food came from! Hint – it didn’t come from an industrial freezer – all of the food at Horn’s is made right in their kitchen!

Next time you’re hungry in the South Side, be sure to stop on 4th Street for a fresh and satiating meal at Horn’s!