Welcome to the newest feature of the B!News Insider: Merchant Mondays! Here we will get the inside scoop on your favorite downtown vendors of all sorts. Up first, The Bookstore Speakeasy.

Here’s what you already know:
It’s a 1920s style speakeasy nestled on Adams Street in the Southside. The Bookstore offers prohibition-era cocktails and punch-bowls with hand-carved ice and freshly-squeezed juices, an extensive craft beer selection, a thoughtful wine list, and beautifully crafted American cuisine ranging from small plates to complete dinners. Live 20’s and 30’s jazz music is performed on several nights throughout the week in our intimate candle and oil lamp lit room. The gorgeous copper bar is the center of the action where the bartenders perform their craft every night.

Here’s what you don’t know:
The Bookstore is owned by a father and son pair. The son, George Richie, told us a little more about the mysterious bar. 1920s speakeasies still exist in larger cities and George and his father thought that it would work well in Bethlehem, so they opened their own in the late fall of 2009. But the two of them weren’t newcomers to the business community. They’ve owned other bars and restaurants. In fact, Mr. Richie (the elder) still owns and works at an accounting firm. For as dry as we think accountants can be, they’ve come up with an incredible unique menu.

Besides basic drinks like their Manhattan, their drink selections can only be found at the Bookstore. He gave us a short list of popular drinks, like the Armageddon (Jameson Irish Whiskey, Famous Grouse Scotch Whiskey, Fresh Ginger, Freshly-Squeezed Lemon Juice, Honey, White Absinthe Bitters). Mmmmm. But don’t expect to see George with a fancy concoction, he’s a whiskey on the rocks man – classic. They also feature live music Thursday through Sunday.

With as popular as this spot is, we asked whether there were any plans for a second location. Well, there aren’t any plans but George says it’s not out of the question if an opportunity presents itself. Stay tuned!