Halloween is still over a month away, but if you’re looking for spooks early this year, book a room at the Hotel Bethlehem and you may just see the ghost of May Yohe.

Famous now for haunting the third floor lobby and exercise room, Miss Yohe was also quite a celebrity in her day as well. She lived from 1866 to 1938 and was an actress, singer and serial dater. Her grandfather, Caleb Yohe, was the owner of the Eagle Hotel, which operated where the Hotel Bethlehem now sits. She used to sing in the lobby of the hotel and was so beloved, her listeners raised enough money to send her to Paris for training in the opera.

While abroad, the lovely celebrity charmed Lord Francis Clinton Hope. He married her and gave her the infamous Hope Diamond which she was known to frequently wear. Despite bestowing her with one of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry ever known to man, May left him for a studly American soldier. Unfortunately for May, he left her and took the diamond! Patrons of the hotel believe that she never left and lurks in the lobbies in her afterlife, turning on the piano to delight guests the way she did in life.

However, they say that May is not alone and all sorts of paranormal activity goes on at the hotel, especially in Room 932. Couples who have stayed in this room have reported changes in the color of the bathroom wall, flashes in the mirror, lamps turning on and even seeing the figure of a man standing over them in bed.

Check out this video taken in a room at the Hotel Bethlehem!

It’s all a bit spooky, but if you’re a ghost chaser, be sure to stay for a night at the Hotel Bethlehem.