This Saturday, the Bethlehem Greenway is going to be hosting one of only 9 vegan and vegetarian festivals in the entire country. Local food providers, educational exhibitions and incredible chefs are coming together to create an entire fair for vegetable lovers.

Essential details:

When: Saturday, September 8. 11am-6pm
Where: Bethlehem Greenway
Admission: Free
Parking: Free

We’re expecting a huge  crowd and with presentations like “10 Vegan Myths Debunked,” and “Turning Vegan with a Culinary Background,” is it any surprise? But what fun are vegetables without a little music? Last Small Town, The 4 Walls, Paul Josephs and Metrosonics as well as The Heavy Beat will be performing throughout the food-filled day.

You probably already know this (or at least you should), but one of our favorite Bethlehem electricians, Chris Lenhart, agreed to abandon his meat-eating ways for an entire month in a project called Veganize Me (like Supersize Me, except with food that’s good for you and won’t have your arteries calling it quits on you). Chris’s journey has been detailed on the Veganize Me blog where he talks about the process of becoming a vegan, overhauling his kitchen and his diet, and what sort of meals he’s been enjoying. When he started the project, he recorded all of his stats for us, BMI, fat percentage, organ fat, metabolic age and all sorts of other measurements.

Swing over to his blog to see all the scrumptious meals he’s been whipping up for himself and on Saturday at Vegfest, you can see him weigh in at 5:3-pm. He seems pretty happy with his new diet and we can’t wait to see how he feels about the results!

There will be plenty of food, entertainment and sunshine for everyone this Saturday so be sure to come down to the Southside Greenway and check out the delicious vegetables. That means you too, meat-eaters!