The B!News Insider is the brand new blogging arm (keyboard) of the Downtown Bethlehem Association.Image The DBA is a council of the Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce that serves to promote and revitalize the beautiful downtown Bethlehem area. We are one the strongest and greatest member organizations in the country, and probably the whole universe.

So, in case you didn’t already know, here’s the skinny on what we actually do:

  • We have 170 members in the Historic and Southside Districts of Bethlehem
  • We host 124 events every year
  • We decorate the city for harvest and Christmas
  • For an entire decade (yes, TEN years!) we’ve hosted First Fridays, a whole evening of special events and awesome businesses with their doors open to you

Now that you know the DBA, this is what you can expect from the B!News Insider: spotlights and personal stories of business owners, the inside track on Bethlehem news and events, what to do and where to eat every weekend. This is going to be your one-stop-shop for what’s happening in the city, who’s who and what’s what.

It’s news; it’s gossip; it’s personal; It’s Bethlehem.